Avalik River Kennelz

Welcome to Avalik!

My Petz


I joined the Petz community sometime around the release of Petz 3. I initially only had Dogz, and I started a small kennel with the name "Avalik River Kennelz". Shortly after discovering Petz, I joined the Petz Kennel Club (PKC) and showed frequently there. I also established the first German Shepherd breed club, and had the first German Shepherd champion in the PKC.

Why "Avalik River Kennelz"?
I chose the kennel name because at the time I was an avid reader and was a huge fan of books featuring wolves. "Avalik River" is a reference to the location of the wolf pack in a series of books called "Julie of the Wolves".

It's been over 2 decades since I started playing Petz, and these days I'm living a much different life! I'm a Community Manager for a computer hardware company, and I also do some other work for an online comics company! It doesn't leave me a lot of spare time for Petz or other hobbies, but it's where I currently am. Who knows what the future holds! :)

Buffy is my Standard Poodle, born January 2017! I absolutely ADORE her!!