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Adoption Info
  • All petz are Petz 4!
  • One (1) pet per person per week unless otherwise stated
  • My petz kennel/cattery prefix is Avalik
  • Please keep it at the front of your pet's showname as Avalik/Your prefix's or just Avalik's if you show
  • If no longer wanted, please MPA or delete, or you can always return petz to avalikpetz@gmail.com
  • You can hex or change anything on bred petz from me

  • Adoption Form
    Your name/nickname:
    Petz name(s):
    Any comments:

    To apply, please copy-paste and email this form to avalikpetz@gmail.com with "Adopt" somewhere in the title.

    These are Halloween Alley Cats, a selective breed created by Tails of the Grotesque.The parents are Hallows and Halloween; downloadable from Tails of the Grotesque. I bred this litter using the "Normal Eyes Alley Cat" overwrite file from RhoPetz. No extra files needed!

    Grim (m) - Cook (m) - Mort (m) - Korn (m) - Toffee (f)

    These are Gray Wolves, a selective breed created by Crushing.The parents are Freki and Geri. No extra files needed!

    Heath (m) - Cedric (m) - Fred (m) - Harper (f) - Stormy (m)